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Welcome to Project MEGSSS!

Welcome to Project MEGSSS!

by Megsss Coordinator -
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Dear Students,

We want to welcome you and to give you some specifics about this website.

As part of your course, you will be using our virtual learning environment located at This private, password-protected website will give you access to information that you will need to complete your courses. You must have a pre-assigned account to log on.

How To Log In
To logon to the website, your user name will be the initial of your first name and your full last name in lowercase letters with no space between them (ex. John Doe=jdoe). Your password, which you will be asked to change immediately, is changeme. If you have a sibling in the program with a similar first name, use the first and last letters of your first name and your full last name.

Complete Your Profile
Once you get access, you are welcome to complete your profile and upload a profile picture or avatar. Please make sure that your avatar is something that your parents would approve of and that would be allowed at your current school.

Check Out The Site
The home page gives you a menu of courses. Not all courses are complete, but all courses will have weekly postings of assignments. Choose your course and feel free to browse through the topics and other information. Note that there are two different kinds of forums: a forum where you will receive messages from your teacher as well as a forum where you can post messages to other students that you meet.

If you have trouble accessing this website, please e-mail me at

Warren Clark
Program Director